How to update the kernel?
By using the TF card reader, connect your TF card with computer, open the file.
a. Upload game kernel: Copy the R4.DAT file to your TF card.
b. Upload video kernel: Copy the Moonshl2 to your TF card.
c. Upload DIY Interface function: Copy the R4iMenu to your TF card.

How to update AR cheat data base?
Upload the newest AR cheat data base, then copy the "usrcheat.dat" file to"R4iMenu" file.

English kernel download instruction.
kernel Update
It is updated to V129b on Sep 28, 2009
Game download:
 imgview0.6 for R4i

Updated Date: 2009-3-13 16:50:01

The Imgview (0.6 Version) is designed for R4i specially, it is a good software in browsing image and cartoon.

Use the img2ipk to convert the JPG, PNG, and BMP files to be IPK file(the sample is available in the directory IPK: example.ipk); Copy the IPK file and the "imgview06_R4TF_M3Simply-R4i-SDHC (MicroSD Card).nds" to the CF card, run the NDS program on the R4i'interface.

Interface overview:


Download address:
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